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We Are the only music program that specializes in Guitar Lessons for KIDS ages 5 and up!

Enriching Children’s Lives Through Skill and Musicianship

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• Extraordinary student results • High skill and lifelong love of music •
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The Childbloom® Guitar Program provides music lessons for young people age 5 and up.

  • We teach every skill level – from beginners to advanced.
  • All students learn to read music, play with others and develop extraordinary skill.
  • All our Instructors are vetted, specially trained, and experienced musician/educators.
  • Our curriculum is based on child-development and music education research. That’s why it has worked for over 40 years.
  • We offer voluntary recitals, guitar ensembles, holiday guitar choirs, open mics, and outdoor performances to students.
  • We expose students to many musical styles in their training, including folk, classical, blues, bluegrass, world-music and contemporary.
  • We are the only program in the nation with a safe, online platform specifically for our students.

We’d love to introduce your child to the world of music through the guitar!

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Guitar Program News

“Guitar lessons near me”

When people are looking for services on google, the words "...near me" are contained in 4-8x more searches than not. We all want convenience and these words represent it. The question brings to mind, "is quality sacrificed for convenience?" Is there a cost for that...


 Teaching children guitar is not the same as teaching adults or even older teens. This essay shows some of the typical mistakes guitar teachers make with students. Forewarned is forearmed. Parents know that children’s interests and thinking ability grows with age....


In 2001 a much touted experiment suggested that listening to 10 minutes of Mozart improved performance on certain spatial-temporal tasks. There was much acclaim about the research but the acclaim was mostly media exaggeration and even the researchers admitted it was...

Guitar lessons

Giving your children the opportunity to develop life-long musical guitar skills is a gift that can’t be broken, lost or outgrown.

The Childbloom guitar teachers consider it a privilege and honor to open the door to musicianship for young people.

Childbloom Christmas Choir Performs at the Texas State Capital Rotunda

Performing can be a scary thing. The Childbloom Program cultivates a habit of performance in the class, for family, in our outdoor, “sound oasis” teams, open mics, and eventually on the concert stage in recitals.

What Parents Say

My lesson involvement and The Childbloom Newsletter has increased my understanding of my daughter’s needs, abilities and development. She has progressed from never having played a guitar, to being an accomplished eager musician. This has been a dream come true for my 10 year old daughter and me. Thanks!

D. Starry

Austin, TX

At 3+ years in the Program I recently asked my daughter (11 yrs. old) why she likes guitar. Her response was, ”I like to be able to do something that not a lot of kids can do and I like to show that skill off”.

Steve Ortiz

Round Rock

Childbloom provides a positive learning experience in a low-pressure environment.

Dr. H. Grotevant

Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts - Amherst Department of Psychology

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