Our Instructors

Our Instructors are more than guitar teachers. At Childbloom we know that your instructor will be a mentor for your child. That’s why we are so careful in selecting, vetting and training our instructors to work with your child.

Our staff has consistency, maturity, is conversant in all styles – from blues to classical – and can provide a positive, long-term experience that parents want. All our Instructors have a minimum of 10 years experience as Childbloom Instructors.

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor is founder of the Childbloom® Guitar Program.  He graduated from Florida State University where he studied theory, composition and classical guitar with Dr. Mario Abril. He has attended seminars focusing on children with sensory dysfunction, dyslexia and the neurology of the bio-mechanics of musicians. He has taught guitar for 49 years, including 17 years in conservatory and university settings.

He began The Childbloom Guitar Program in 1980, which has locations nationally and which has introduced 20,000 children to music through the guitar. He has published over 400 articles about raising the musical child and has brought music into the lives of hundreds of families in Austin and Round Rock where he still teaches. He has been called, ”the guitar guru of the pre-adolescent set,”  by the press and been featured in the ”Great Teacher” series of Guitar Teacher magazine. His many students have excelled in their skill and love for music, winning over two dozen local, regional, national and international competitions and awards for their playing. He has instructed nine guitarists who have appeared on the national NPR radio show, ”From The Top.”

He is Director and composer for Childbloom “Bella Corda” guitar ensemble groups, which garnered top prizes at the Guitar Orchestra Festival International (2010) competition in Bad Nauheim, Germany, Guitar Foundation of America’s International ensemble competition (2017) and The Hill Country Ensemble Guitar Competition (2019).  He has also authored a successful high-school curriculum to teach music though guitar ensemble, which is now being used by middle and high-schools students. He and his wife live in Georgetown, TX.

Kevin Taylor continues to teach in Round Rock and Austin and is most proud of the students he has taught who are now bringing their children to The Childbloom Guitar Program.


”My teaching is focused on the student. I realize that young children must build motivation along with skill. If children are motivated, nothing can stop them from excelling. I have over 40 years experience with music, art, the techniques of guitar playing, and deep learning, so those are the elements I seek to communicate to the student in language they understand.  I understand the influence parents have in their child’s motivation and I work with parents to the ends they desire. What is important when working with students is learning, not teaching. I am as proud of my students who play at church, for their grandparents, friends, or for their own enjoyment, as I am of the kids who play on the concert stage. I am honored to bring music into the lives of young people.”

Slobodan Vujisic

Slobodan Vujisic (Slo’bo’dan’ Voo-yi-sich) began his guitar studies at the exclusive “Josip Slavenski” School of Music in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. In 1975, at the age of 19, he won the Yugoslav National Guitar Competition. After attending The University of Belgrade Law School for four years, he continued his musical studies and received his performance degree from the state conservatory “Orazio Vecchi” in Modena, Italy.

He has performed with Yugoslav Guitar Duo, Guitar and Violin Duo, Flute and Guitar Duo, University of Texas Early Music Ensemble, Musica Antiqua Consort, Ensemble Renaissance, Texas Early Music Project, Ensemble La Folia and others. While in Europe, Mr. Vujisic toured with his early music group Ensemble Renaissance from 1981 until 1994 when he moved to Austin from his native Belgrade. He is also the Director of Austin Troubadors, an early music ensemble.

Mr. Vujisic’s career has included teaching music to elementary and secondary students in Europe for 15 years, where his students have won 16 awards in national competitions. Before moving to Austin in 1994, he was a full time Professor of guitar at the state music school “Slavenski” in Belgrade. He began teaching for the Childbloom Guitar Program in Austin, TX. in April of 1994, and, among all Childbloom guitar Instructors, was recognized as a “Instructor and Motivator of the Year” in 1999, 2004 and was the Childbloom national ”Instructor of the Year” in 2013. During his tenure with Childbloom, his students have won prizes at several Regional and National competitions, including the most prestigious Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) Youth Competition.

Mr. Vujisic teaches at Austin Strings Studio in North West Austin near 183 and Anderson Mill Rd.



My teaching philosophy comes from over 30 years experience teaching children. My aim as a guitar teacher is to approach lessons with my students in a creative, fun and stimulating way. It is my ultimate goal as a teacher to develop the inner artist in my students and instill a life –long enriching relationship and love of music through playing the guitar.

Every student is unique and different. Each student has their own personality and learning style, and my goal is to work with that to help him or her get the most out of their lesson time.I believe that it is a great privilege to be a musician. I am grateful for being able to spend my days devoted to an art form that continually inspires me, and for having the opportunity to share that art form with others.

Katie Kerwin

Katie Kerwin holds a bachelor degree in music performance from the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford. She has taught and performed in Austin for 25 years. She is also a trained Suzuki violin teacher.  Katie began as a Childbloom guitar instructor in 1990 and after a hiatus, returned to Childbloom guitar instruction after raising her two daughters.

She teaches at the Austin Central studio and in her home in South Austin. While not performing and teaching, Ms. Kerwin enjoys bicycling and tending to her pets.


”I believe that music enhances our lives through artistic expression, communication and growth. Consideration is given to having fun while learning musical skills to create a well-rounded musician capable of enjoying music for a lifetime.

Chris Stone

Chris grew up in San Antonio and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has been a Childbloom Instructor since 2006. Mr. Stone is conversant with both classical and pop traditions and keeps abreast of current musical trends. Chris received the national Childbloom, ”Instructor of the Year” award in 2011, 2015, and 2016 for his ability to motivate and inspire his students.

He has taught music/guitar at Mid-America Guitar Camp in St Louis and at at  NYOS charter School. He teaches in Central Austin, and Round Rock. Chris is also an experienced audio engineer. He was the editor and engineer for the critically acclaimed ”Gypsy Teens” CD and is the studio engineer of choice for  Austin Creative Alliance’s ”Young Performing Artist Program” recordings.


Adam Carney

Adam Carney began teaching for the Childbloom Guitar Program shortly after he moved to Austin in 2009 from his hometown of Springfield, Missouri. He began studying music at the age of 11 with private instructors, and continued on to become a performer, arranger, recording artist, and a guitar instructor himself.  In 2005 Adam discovered the unusual and fascinating world of Harp Guitar; a rare hybrid instrument of guitar and harp.  He has since become a well known Harp Guitarist, performing regularly in Austin and throughout the country.  Adam has also taught music and been a featured performer in a variety of music camps across the nation, including cities such as Austin, Branson, St. Louis, and at the Alaska City Folk Arts Camp in Anchorage, to name a few.

He is Director of the Capital City Guitar Camp for kids. He has released 4 albums, and his music has been used in indie movies, television documentaries and video games.  He has been interviewed on and been a featured performer for radio stations such as KMFA in Austin, and KUVO in Denver.  Adam teaches guitar with the Childbloom Guitar Program in Austin and Round Rock.  He has received the 2011-2012 & 2016 Motivator Awards by the Childbloom Company for excellence in teaching and retaining his students interest. He encourages his students to perform for the public, and has arranged music for Childbloom performance groups.


”To have music in your life is special.  To be able to harness the power and mystique of music is a true talent.  I love to teach music as much as I love performing it.  A young student at Childbloom will start off learning musicality, step by step, and in doing so will learn to set goals and conquer hurdles.  As they grow and progress, they can begin to use their skill set as a form of expression and identity.  They become talented and confident.  For these reasons, I am honored to be able to teach for Childbloom.  My philosophy is to get the student to challenge themselves, encourage them, and overall have fun learning to play music – the most important part of it all.”