About Guitar Lessons


In light of the present pandemic and the safety of our students and teachers, all our Guitar instructors are going online with their instructions.


We have over 200 families continuing their study weekly with their CHILDBLOOM teacher. Being “stuck at home” is a great opportunity for musical growth for the student.


There are many teachers and studios teaching online. Parents who have had their kids with “seat of the pants” teachers realize The Childbloom Program is different. We have a curriculum that has a direction for your child. It is age appropriate, high-skill and our teachers are specialists teaching children.

We also  have online support to help you get set up and help your child start their musical journey. And when the sheltering is over we have studio in Round Rock an Austin where we can continue the lessons.

Here are some other benefits of Childbloom online learning:


  • Experienced, mature, specially trained educator you can trust;
  • Comprehensive, step-by-step curriculum, will bring out the best in your child;
  • Your child will learn incredibly high skill technique – check out our many students awards here;
  • Online tech consultation – We’ll help you get set up so the lessons are effective;
  • Kids need to hear what they are learning. Childbloom families are invited to join our cutting-edge, Childbloom Online Learning Club where students can hear and see the music they will be learning. This is a cutting edge tool for developing guitar technique and practice habits. It has over 200 adjustable-speed learning videos to help kids practice, flash card apps to make learning to read music fun, music theory and more.
  • Personalized weekly assignments. You and your child will know what to practice;
  • Convenient scheduling. You tell us when you are available so we’ll know when to schedule your child;
  • Monthly Parent enewsletter with insights, local events, national contests for kids of all levels and many extras;
  • Sibling tuition discount (see below).
  • Instruments available. We can help you obtain the right one for your child.

We also welcome returning students and students who may have moved away. Call us to continue your lessons!

Online tuition rates (see below for on-site studio rates):

Initial enrollment fee: $40 (We will consult with you before you enroll to see if you have effective online equipment.)

1 student is $89/mo.

or 2 students: $145/mo.

Lessons meet weekly for a 42-week yearly schedule.

If you are in the Austin/Round Rock area, rates will decrease to the studio rate below when you feel it is safe for on-site lessons again and sheltering discontinues.

Contact us at (512) 452-8765 or Email: childbloom@aol.com


Central Austin – 4000  Medical Parkway (Near Central Market)

Round Rock – 200-A Northwest Dr. (Near 79 and N. Mays).

Hours: until about 8 pm., Monday-Friday. Home-schoolers a bit earlier in the day. We will try hard to organize a class with you in mind. We need to know when you and your child are available.

Teaching guitar to children requires specialized training. Read about our five great, certified and experienced Childbloom Guitar Instructors on staff. They are career educators, have been trained in child-development, pedagogy and the proven, high-skill Childbloom curriculum. Our teachers are focused on motivating and growing musicianship in our students. That is why past Childbloom students are now bringing their children to Childbloom!

We teach our guitar lessons in small groups ($86/mo), minimum 2 kids per groups – maximum 4 (there is a 40% discount for subsequent siblings). Private lessons are available ($138/mo).

Our beginning small groups are actually BETTER THAN PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS IN SUSTAINING A CHILD’S INTEREST! Why? Because Childbloom students learn to play music together, meet peers who share their interest, and motivate students to stick with the practice and playing longer. Our classes actually IMPROVE the retention of the student’s interest. Students are grouped according to age and experience level. The Childbloom guitar classes have been called ”learning in a positive, low-pressure environment” by leading child psychologist, Dr. Harold Grotevant.

Most of our students are beginners. Come arrange a visit and a free mini-lesson. If your child has had lessons with a non-Childbloom teacher we can determine his or her level of skill with a visit. We don’t mind spending time letting you get to know us since music education is a life-long endeavor.

If your child has a friend (or sibling) who wishes to join the class, let us know. This makes scheduling easier and quicker. But a good Childbloom class, at a time convenient for your schedule, ensures the maximum skill development for your child.

Guitar Lessons For Children in Austin & Round Rock


”What is the cost of the guitar lessons?”

There is a $35 enrollment fee into our program. When you enroll we provide 1) the initial learning materials, 2) a subscription to our parent newsletter, 3) an invitation to join our new online learning club, and 4) a great Instructor!

Tuition is $86/month for our small group classes (2-4 students).

Siblings are 40% off, so the cost of 2 children is $138. 20% of our students are siblings, which we think says something positive about our Program.

Private lessons are also available. Cost is $138/mo.

GUITARS: Yes, your child will need a guitar. We have searched the market and stock the ones that provide the best value and are the RIGHT SIZE (!) for the students. These guitars and gig bag are $159+tax. You DO NOT need to purchase a guitar from us. But PLEASE call us if you’re going to purchase one elsewhere so we can guide you in that purchase. It is very important to get the right type of instrument so your child can develop proper ergonomic skill. We’ll be glad to help.



The highest cost of music education is YOUR time and attention. We encourage a parent to attend the guitar lessons with the child. This is very important for retention. The amount of skill a student gains depends on how long they stick with it; how much they play at home and how they concentrate when they learn. Childbloom parents who attend the lessons know what the goals are for the week to help their child. They are willing to struggle through the ups and downs of motivation through which normal kids go.

The result?

The Childbloom students have the longest retention rate of any music education program. And they develop awesome skill! If this is something you wish for your child, please contact us or come visit for a free lesson.