Contact us at (512) 452-8765 or Email: Childbloom@aol.com.


Central Austin – 4000  Medical Parkway (Near Central Market)

Round Rock – 200-A Northwest Dr. (Near 79 and N. Mays).

Northwest Austin – Plaza Cortez – 13276 US-183 Suite 201, (Anderson Mill Rd. & 183)

Hours: until about 8 pm., Monday-Friday. Home-schoolers a bit earlier in the day. We will try hard to organize a class with you in mind. We need to know when you and your child are available.

 We have five certified and experienced Childbloom Instructors on staff. 

We teach our guitar lessons in small groups, minimum 2 kids per groups – maximum 4. Private lessons are available.

Our beginning small groups are actually BETTER THAN PRIVATE LESSONS IN SUSTAINING A CHILD’S INTEREST! Why? The Childbloom classes are great for developing ensemble skills, peers who share an interest and are in tune with a child’s attention span and learning capacity. Our classes actually IMPROVE the retention of the student’s interest. Students are grouped according to age and experience level. The Childbloom classes have been called ”learning in a positive, low-pressure environment” by leading child psychologist, Dr. Harold Grotevant.  

Most of our students are beginners. Come arrange a visit and a free mini-lesson. If your child has had lessons with a non-Childbloom teacher we can determine his or her level of skill with a visit. We don’t mind spending time letting you get to know us since music education is a life-long endeavor.

If your child has a friend (or sibling) who wishes to join the class, let us know. This makes scheduling easier and quicker. But a good Childbloom class, at a time convenient for your schedule, ensures the maximum skill development for your child. 

Guitar Lessons For Children in Austin & Round Rock
”What is the cost of the guitar lessons?”

There is a $35 one-time enrollment fee (per family) into our program. When you enroll you receive the initial learning materials and a subscription to our parent newsletter.

Tuition is $86/mo for our small group lessons.

Tuition is $129/mo for a private lesson. (Call for rates and requirements for private lesson with Kevin Taylor).

We now have a voluntary online practice club just for Childbloom students! The complete course has over 200 play-along videos to help the students practice. Each video targets specific technical hurdles in our program from the very beginning music through our most advances pieces.  There is a theory section with downloadable theory worksheets, special brain/hand exercises for students of all levels and a note flashcard game for students to improve their note recognition. This is a real game-changer for learning and practicing! It is open to all current Childbloom families on a month-by-month subscription fee of $8.


We have learned that parents must be involved in their child’s musical growth. We want a parent to be present in the lesson with the child. You need to know the details of what the child is learning; the goals for the week, the technical aspects that the child can’t see from his or her viewpoint and help encourage practice in an effective way.  The quality of that involvement will change as the child matures but parental involvement has been a key ingredient to the success of the students in our program from age 5 -18. This is the the highest cost – YOUR time and attention. It will provide the greatest value to your child.

Watch Childbloom Guitar Program Students

Here is an 11 year old Childbloomer at his first solo concert performance.

Here is a lovely video of a 15 year old playing. She began in Childbloom when she was 11.

Here is a 16 year old playing a “hot” and groovy tune. He began in Childbloom at age 7.

This is a video of a 13 year old performing his first solo concert. After viewing this video an anonymous donor sent this young man a concert guitar!

Part of the Childbloom Method teaches kids to play together. Here is a group playing a Mexican Folk Song. This video struck a nerve with audiences because it has over 22K viewings!

Here’s another group of students performing a “big-band” style piece in their winning performance at the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Guitar Ensemble competition in 2017.

Here is a short video that describes what we do in the Childbloom Guitar  Program.