About Childbloom Guitar Lessons


All our teachers are fully vaccinated and our traditional guitar lessons are ready to resume when you are!

Here are our protocols for this sensitive time:                                                         • Masking is optional. Teachers will mask if requested. Student masking is optional and we will conform to what parents request.                                            • We take temperatures before entering the studios.                                                • We distance 3’4″ – 5′ for student chairs.                                                                      • Hand sanitizers are available for every student. High-touch areas are sanitized. Teachers sanitize as needed during the lesson.

However, if you still request online instruction, we can do that!


  • Experienced, mature, stable, specially trained educator you can trust. Out teachers are dedicated educators 1st;
  • Step-by-step curriculum, provides success at every level and will bring out the best in your child.
  • Your child will learn high skill technique and musicianship that will allow them to play anything. Check out our many students awards here;
  • All Childbloom students are provided access to audio and video files throughout the Childbloom curriculum. Upon enrollment students receive the initial learning materials.
  • Students can hear and see the music they will be learning. Our Childbloom deep-web Learning Club Course is an internet-safe cutting edge tool for developing guitar technique and practice habits. It has over 200 adjustable-speed learning videos to help kids practice, flash card apps to make learning to read music fun, essential hand motion exercises for guitar playing, music theory and more;
  • Monthly parent enewsletter includes national contests for kids, ideas to help YOU help your child learn at home and more;
  • 40% sibling tuition discount.  We make it affordable for all the kids.
  • Instruments available. If we don’t have one, we can help you obtain the right one for your child.
  • We plan recitals and other performing opportunities for students.

We also welcome returning students and students who may have moved away. Call us to continue your lessons!


OUR tuition rates (as of 9/1/21):

We teach in small groups. 2-4 kids per group. Our weekly lessons are 30 minutes.

Initial enrollment fee: $35 ($40 for online. We will consult with you before you enroll to see if you have effective online equipment.)

GROUP RATE: 1 student is $92/mo. or 2 students in a family: $147/mo. 3 students in a family is $202 – (a 40% discount for siblings).

PRIVATE RATE: 30 minute private lessons are available @ $147/mo. Shorter private lessons are available at a reduced rate. (Lessons with Mr. Taylor are $175/mo).

Lessons meet weekly for a 42-week yearly schedule. Payments are made monthly.

Contact us at (512) 452-8765 or Email: childbloom@aol.com


Central Austin – 4000  Medical Parkway (Near Central Market)

Round Rock – 200-A Northwest Dr. (Near 79 and N. Mays).

Several of our Instructors teach from their home (South Austin and Northwest Austin.)


Studio teaching hours: varies upon demand but normally until about 8 pm., Monday-Friday. Home-schoolers can be scheduled earlier in the day. We will try hard to organize a Childbloom group with you in mind. We need to know when you and your child are available.


Teaching guitar to children requires specialized training. Read about our five great, certified and experienced Central Texas Childbloom Guitar Instructors on staff HERE. They are career educators, have been trained in child-development, pedagogy and the proven, high-skill Childbloom curriculum.

Our teachers are focused on motivating and growing musicianship in our students. That must be why past Childbloom students are now bringing their children to Childbloom!


We usually teach our guitar lessons in small groups maximum 4, minimum 2 kids per group. We also offer private lessons for some advanced students or students with special needs.

We know how easy it is for kids to start music lessons and quit them. We developed our small group format 40 years ago to combat that tendency. Childbloom guitar lessons have proven to keep the students engaged longer. When kids stick with it they build more real skill!  Childbloom groups are also more meaningful for the students. Why? 1) Because parents are part of the process; 2) students learn to play music together – they become part of something bigger; 3) Students develop relationships with peers who share their interest; 4) Students will see peers encounter the same challenges which motivates each student to meet their own challenges.

Students are grouped according to age and experience level. Our unique curriculum allows the student to move at an individual pace within the group. The Childbloom guitar classes have been called ”learning in a positive, low-pressure environment” by leading child psychologist, Dr. Harold Grotevant. That is a winning formula for the growth of talent.

Most of our students are beginners. Call us to arrange a visit and a free mini-lesson. If your child has had lessons with a non-Childbloom teacher we can determine his or her level of skill with a visit. We don’t mind spending time letting you get to know us since music education is a life-long endeavor.

If your child has a friend (or sibling) who wishes to join the class, let us know. That makes scheduling easier and quicker. But a good Childbloom class, at a time convenient for your schedule, ensures the maximum skill development and positive experience for your child.


 GUITARS: Yes, your child will need a guitar at home to practice. We have searched the market and stock the ones that provide the best value and are the RIGHT SIZE (!) for the students. These guitars are $179+tax. You DO NOT need to purchase a guitar from us. But PLEASE call us if you’re going to purchase one elsewhere so we can guide you in that purchase. It is very important to get the type of instrument that is easy to play and develops your child’s “musical” brain.. This choice ensures that your child can also develop proper ergonomic skill and musicality. We’ll be glad to help.

As of 9/21 there is a supply-chain problem. Since most guitars are imported, there are currently shortages and delays in acquiring appropriate instruments. This is scheduled to be relieved by 1/22.



The highest cost of music education is YOUR time and attention. We request and encourage a parent to attend the guitar lessons with the child. This is very important for long-term learning. The amount of skill a student gains depends on how long they stick with it and how much it means to them.  Parents can cultivate that meaning in young children. Childbloom parents who attend the lessons know the value of this. 

The result?

The Childbloom students have the longest retention rate of any guitar education program. And they develop awesome skill and appreciation for all kinds of music! If this is something you wish for your child, please contact us or come visit for a free lesson.

If you have friends or family in other parts of the U.S. you can find a Childbloom Program in these cities.