Some important things you should do and know before you enroll your child in music lessons.

  • Before you purchase an instrument first speak with your instructor – not the salesman. Instructors know a student’s needs better. Salesman sell. Teachers educate. Tell the grandparents that, too!


  • Prepare a space in your house where the students can be uninterrupted and where they are not bothering siblings or other family members when they practice and play their instrument.


  • Interview the prospective teacher well before you commit to the lessons. Let the student meet the teacher, too. If you can arrange for a trial lesson do it. That is the best thing to do.


  • Avoid teachers or studios that do not welcome a parent into the lesson anytime!


  • Does the teacher have a curriculum and direction for the child’s skill development or is it a vague, seat-of-the-pants type of teaching? 


  • Does the teacher’s studio seem to have a “culture” (a history, other terrific students, performances, contests)? And does the culture appeal to your family’s values?


  • Is the Instructor open to interacting with you? What does that look like? Can they meet your expectations?


  • Is there linkage with the larger world of music for the teenage student? (UIL competitions, festivals, performing groups, recording possibilities, travel concerts, internships, etc.)?


  • Is there a way to communicate to the teacher about issues that may come up? Can the Instructor’s studio provide support and insight into the learning?


  • Are you prepared to supply the materials (instruments, accessories, music) that you may need as the student grows? The instructor should be able to inform you of that.

The Childbloom Guitar Program offers all this and more. If you’d like to schedule a no-obligation, no hard-sell, free trial lesson with an Instructor click our appointment scheduler here.

Or you can call 512-452-8765 and just talk with our Director, Kevin Taylor. He can answer your questions.

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