Parent Testimonies

My lesson involvement and The Childbloom Newsletter has increased my understanding of my daughter’s needs, abilities and development. She has progressed from never having played a guitar, to being an accomplished eager musician. This has been a dream come true for my 10 year old daughter and me. Thanks!

D. Starry

Austin, TX

At 3+ years in the Program I recently asked my daughter (11 yrs. old) why she likes guitar. Her response was, ”I like to be able to do something that not a lot of kids can do and I like to show that skill off”.

Steve Ortiz

Round Rock, TX

My son has been at Childbloom for about 5 years now. Awesome instructors. Very patient and skilled!

Kim W.

Really, I can’t say enough about this program, it’s amazing. All of their instructors are great…

Marth S.

“Childbloom provides a positive learning experience in a low-pressure environment”

Dr. Harold Grotevant

Professor Emeritus. University of Massachusetts - Amherst Department of Psychology

This has been the best experience! Our son’s time at Childbloom has really been beneficial. He has now expanded the number of instruments he plays as a result. Adam [our teacher] is highly effective

Bill & Julia Campbell

Round Rock

Mr. Taylor has a gift for putting kids at ease immediately. He is also very talented at sizing up strengths and weaknesses and offering constructive criticism accordingly.

Angela Petersen