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Guitar Lessons For Children in Austin & Round Rock


If you are a parent that shares our belief  that growing up with musical skill will enrich your child’s life then read on!

Childbloom has been THE leader in introducing kids to music through the guitar since it was developed in Austin & Round Rock 1980! We are the experts at developing your child’s skill and talent. We now have students we have taught bringing their children to us for music lessons. Why? Because of the happy memories they have of learning music through the guitar in Childbloom when they were kids.

The expert teachers in the Childbloom Guitar Program  share the mission in bringing the extraordinary value of music into the lives of children. All our teachers are vetted and thoroughly trained before they enter the class room. CHILDBLOOM is the only guitar curriculum based on child-development and music education research in existence. Our teachers are specialists. The Childbloom Program will work for your child! Childbloom students develop their talent and become the highest skilled young guitarists in the area (check out some of our students’ videos). We have many happy references from parents. Call us.

If you wish to know more about Childbloom’s music education for children, the easiest way is to call us at (512) 452-8765.  Our phone hours are from 9 am-3 pm Monday-Saturday. You can always email your specific questions (and we will give you specific answers) at: We consider it an honor to introduce your child to music. We do it right.

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Childbloom Guitar Program - Austin/Round Rock


Main office/teaching studios:

1) 200-A Northwest  Drive – Round Rock, TX 78664

Other Childbloom teaching Studios:

2) 4000 Medical Pkwy.,#200, – Austin, TX 78756

3) Suite 201, 13276 N Hwy 183 – Austin, TX 78750

Phone: (512) 452-8765

”At 3+ years in the Program I recently asked my daughter (11 yrs. old) why she likes guitar. Her response was, ”I like to be able to do something that not a lot of kids can do and I like to show that skill off.”

Steve Ortiz – Round Rock


”This has been the best experience! Our son’s time at Childbloom has really been beneficial. He has now expanded the number of instruments he plays as a result. Adam [our teacher] is highly effective.”

Bill & Julia Campbell – Round Rock


”Jody Moseley is a wonderful guitar instructor, teaching our 7-year old daughter….He’s patient, kind, encouraging and enthusiastic. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a guitar instructor for their child.” Heather C. – Austin

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24Scheduling: ”When are the lessons?”

• Our typical teaching times are from after school until about 8 pm., Monday-Friday. Homeschooling classes are scheduled a little earlier.  We will organize a class with you in mind. We need to know when you are available.

• We have six certified and experienced Childbloom Instructors on staff. There are three main sites: Central Austin, Round Rock, & Northwest Austin.

• We normally teach our guitar lessons in small groups, minimum 2 kids per groups – maximum 4. The Childbloom groups are great for developing ensemble skills, camaraderie and improvement of long-term motivation. Because we track our students’ enrollments we know that our classes actually IMPROVE the retention of the student’s interest. Our beginning groups are actually BETTER THAN PRIVATE LESSONS! We group the students according to age and experience level. 98% of all our entering students are beginners. If your child has experience with a non-Childbloom teacher we then will organize an assessment lesson to see where he or she can be placed in the curriculum. Come visit. Bring your child. Meet a teacher. Take a free mini-lesson!

• If we don’t have a another student to start right away, there are several options available: 1) we can take your child privately for a few lessons and merge him into a class; 2) put you on a call-back list – the wait is usually short; 3) If your child has a friend (or sibling) who wishes to join the class, let us know. This makes scheduling easier and quicker.  Because of our small-group structure and our modern lifestyle, scheduling is often the most difficult part. But a good Childbloom class, at a time convenient for your schedule, is sure worth any wait!

”What is the cost of the guitar lessons?”

• There is a $35 enrollment fee per family into the Austin/Round Rock Childbloom Guitar Program.

When you enroll we give you 2 things: the initial learning materials and a subscription to The Childbloom Monthly Newsletter. Our newsletter helps parents deal with the many ups and downs of motivation that will occur in the musical education process. It also has local events and contests your child can participate in. Contests are geared to every skill level.

• Tuition is $82/month for the group class.

The guitar lessons are scheduled on a yearly basis, with 42 lessons per year. This means some months will have 3 lessons, some months 4 and some months may have 5 lessons. It is the same tuition each month. You don’t commit a year or a semester at a time. You pay tuition the first lesson of each month. We do need notice of withdrawal by the 15th of the month prior to the month of withdrawing. That’s it. Check around, the Childbloom Guitar program is one of the most affordable entrances into private music education in the Austin/Round Rock area. And judging from the quality of our students’ skills and achievements (see below), we are also the best.

• Siblings are 1/2 price! So for a family with two kids in the program, the cost is $123 per month. For three kids, $164/mo.

• Private lessons are generally $123 per month for all the teachers.

• Private tuition for Founder, Kevin Taylor is $164/mo. (and students must commit to practicing a minimum of 4 hrs. per week).

Experience what great music education and great guitar lessons for your child can mean for your family culture. We’re scheduling for Fall lessons now, so call us now to ensure a spot.

Coupon for lessons - 2014

 What style of music is best to learn?

Child-development and music education research tell us that children are not born with any preference for musical style. Children are ”open-eared.” They like what they can do. Period. That is why we believe it is important to teach a high-skill method of playing that maximizes the child’s ability, growth of sensitivity, and musicality – even for the adolescent. The Childbloom Method does just that. Our students will experience playing many different styles of music in our curriculum – folk, blues, world music, & classical. When their style preferences develop they will have plenty of skill to pursue their musical dreams.

Getting the right instrument: What you should know.

• It is very important that your child have an appropriate guitar on which to learn. We recommend the correct sized nylon-string guitar.

There are MANY reasons for this. Please call us for recommendations (512-452-8765) before you purchase one. We try to keep abreast of what the good instruments are and where you can get them close to you. We know that kids learn best and can grow motivation and skill on an instrument that best fits them, plays well and sounds good. Please consult with us before you buy.

• Children will outgrow their instrument. But an old instrument can be be sold as used. The market price for a used one is about 30-60% of the full retail value of a new one. We can help you sell that used one, also.

• The best brands of guitars for children (as of Fall of 2014) in Austin/Round Rock area are: Cordoba (4 fractionally sized), Strunal (5 fractionally sized), Yamaha (3 fractionally sized) , & Amigo (two sizes). That is what we strongly recommend for the high-skill technique that we teach the children. The price is roughly from $120 to $230.

New models pop up in the marketplace occasionally, so if you see one and want us to check it out, call us.  Beware of the pink and blue children’s guitars in the department stores. They do not tune well, are not set up well (they often buzz or are hard to play) and break more easily. Those instruments are also outgrown in a few lessons. We are serious about cultivating your child’s talent and a life-long love of music. You should invest in a quality instrument (they are not that expensive). Its well worth it. Don’t know which to buy? Contact us. We can help you find one.

The highest cost of music education

We teach literacy. The ability to read music opens up the entire world of music to the student. Too many kids who really want to learn guitar take lessons at the local rock shop for months and never learn to even play a complete song or develop long-term skill. Beware of the music programs that teach through ”tab” or music teachers who cannot read music. Why limit your child’s education with inferior systems and illiterate teachers? Childbloom students learn to read music easily and naturally with our specialized and proven curriculum. It is done in the context of fun, story and group playing. This is one of the ”secrets” of the Childbloom system. We hope your child can be a part of the learning.

We are music educators first!  Some parents seek out performers or academicians as teachers who are more concerned with their performing careers than their students. That doesn’t happen in Childbloom. We gauge our success by our student’s ability – and, judging by the enormous list of awards our students have achieved,  the Austin-Round Rock Childbloom Program is one of the most successful guitar programs for children in the world!

We know that parents must be involved in the child’s musical growth. We ask that a parent to be present in the lesson with the child. You need to know the details of what your child is learning; the goals for the week, the technical aspects that the child can’t see from his or her viewpoint and help encourage practice in an effective way.  The quality of that involvement will change as the child matures. Parental involvement has been a key ingredient to the success of the students in our program from age 5 -18. This is going to be the the highest cost – YOUR time, attention and commitment. It will  will provide the greatest return in value to your child. More than you can imagine.

If you would like to imagine what learning a high-skill technique could mean to your child, watch some of our Austin/Round Rock students play in the following videos. We encourage you to compare these to the student videos offered by the local competing music studios. It is our students who have made Childbloom a nationally recognized program.


Here is 17-year old Avi Medina performing a Baroque tune at her lesson. Avi began her lessons at age 11 in Round Rock. She likes singing in her high school choir and is accomplished at other styles of music also. She has one numerous awards at guitar competitions and is practicing for her next one.

Here is a focused, young 7-year old proudly playing ”Greenleeves.”


Here is young Jonah playing his favorite tune (for now, anway).

This is 10 year old Linden playing an old Irish tune.


Here is an 11 year-old Childbloom student. He radiates joy and intensity in his musical accomplishment.



A 15-year old who began her Childbloom lessons in Round Rock at age 11: she has won awards in seven youth competitions. A concert performer at 15 years old!


A Here is a 16-year old who began his Childbloom lessons in Austin at age 7. He began winning competitions at age 11 and was one of nine graduating Childbloom students who have appeared on the NPR radio show ”From The Top.” This tune is just cookin’!


A 14-year old who began his Childbloom lessons in Round Rock for his 6th birthday:  He was another multi-competition winner. After seeing this video an anonymous donor gave him a concert guitar that he still plays today.


With the Childbloom Guitar Program you can give your child a gift that can’t be broken, lost or outgrown! Contact us today – 512-452-8765 or email:




Childbloom Performance Groups

Many of the Childbloom Guitar Programs involve their students in performance groups that regularly play in the community. Childbloom groups throughout the country regularly perform for hospitals, retirement centers, schools, libraries and offices. In 2010 we even took a group to Europe! Wouldn’t you like your children to make this valuable outreach part of their lives? This is part of the Childbloom spirit. Come join us!